Thursday, December 10, 2009

Midweek madness - 9 December

The Alley Cat celebrated its fourth birthday last night with a buffet, free margeritas, and some music performed by wunderkind Julien Poulson on guitar and the delightful vocals of the beautiful Srey Thy, grappling like troupers against troublesome equipment and distortion issues.  The Swedish Ambassador and I did our Sly & Robbie/rhythm-section-for-hire thing, which I usually avoid on a school night, but in the spirit of the season, and the fact that we were asked and could be completely spontaneous about it, went along for the ride.  Unfortunately Guitar Steve was unable to round out the instrumental quartet due to the normal Cambodian electrics problems. 

Julien and Srey Thy kicked off with some old style Khmer songs, which flowed into a series of varied tunes that included a lot of material I didn't recognise, and some Neil Young, that got a few keen punters onto their feet to dance.  Other highlights included an impromptu run through of about two fifths of Oh, Pretty Woman, and Srey Thy pleasing the crowd with I'm Sixteen.  Look out for more from Srey Thy and Julien in the new year - and also Julien's documentary Mekong Delta Blues which is playing at Meta House on Thursday 17th. 

UPDATE:  See mythicaldude for pics:

Plenty of action this weekend, but for me as a punter only.  See you on the other side.

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