Friday, March 5, 2010

A special mid-week blog ... due to the quiet weekend coming: 2 and 4 March

It was a double birthday celebration, it was a documentary film night, it was a video shoot ... Chinese House hosted Call and Response, a film about human trafficking, followed by who else but the everywhere-at-once Cambodian Space Project.  As I was one of the birthday celebrants, I made damn sure I was doing something fun:  we set up with two drum kits and pushed through a long thumping rhythm-heavy set while squeezing the 9 piece band onto a stage surrounded by dancing and drinking.  The Breton Bandit is continuing to find his feet, I am continuing to grow my hair, Ratta-Man is continuing to find new and unusual ways to appear and disappear at will, Bong Jay is continuing to lose his mind as the time begins to run short with so much still to do, The Lovely Irene continues to walk straight from work-mode into performance-mode, The Swedish Ambassador is still fairly Swedish and was also a celebrant, Bong Sak keeps it steady on the beat, McSwashbuckle makes the good times roll, Srey Thy just gets more glamorous ... somehow we have to get through this month and life will be quieter. 

Last night The Hellhounds renewed their acquaintance with Sharky's, blue cheese burgers and Johnny Pilgrim with a lively couple of sets with a good crowd and a drummer who pushed the soundcheck back an hour due to his non-attendance.  Lots of old favourites and a couple of new ones, up to and including some blasters like Who do you love, Shame Shame Shame, Dead Flowers, sounding better than ever.  And no broken strings to report!  The year of the tiger is boding well. 

It's a quiet weekend coming, but next weekend the CSP are on the road to Siem Reap.  Come for the fun, stay for the madness!

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  1. Update from last week: photos from Johnny Pilgrim's site

    Hellhounds at Sharky's and also his work out at Following the Applause's favourite orphanage, Little Hearts. Great things going on out there.