Monday, April 26, 2010

Too much I didn't see: 22 - 24 April

The Cambodian Space Project commenced its progression towards the soft, smooth dinner music that it's always deep down wanted to be this weekend, with a performance at one of our favourite places, La Croissette.  Technical issues were somewhat minimised, we welcomed the return of the clarinet of Bun Hong, and we played without either drums or bass.  The results were ... mixed.  While most of the tunes worked perfectly well, there were a couple that we found ourselves lost in the middle of, with no way out ... a moment or two of ankle-deep sludge in the second set.  Not to leave on a downer, we revved it up again and played one last tight after-midnight set.  Upward and onward! 

Friday night myself and The Lovely Irene played a private party, and I rediscovered how much people like Simon & Garfunkel.  And Saturday night I was at the theatre.  Elsewhere, Bum'n'Draze (Fbook photos) and then Lost Highway (Fbook photos) played at Sharky, the Bayon Blues Ensemble (Fbook photos) debuted at the Velkommen Inn, and the KlapYaHandz hiphop event was held at the night market.  Others will have to chronicle such events.

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  1. Ahh, all well and good my Tasmaniacian friend, but you missed the premier event of the season at Sharky Bar last night for Mister Ross' b-day bash.

    Swankily hidden away in the fully air-conditioned "Shark Cage" and feted with free food and beer and drinks and everything, members of the Lazy Jazz Drunks, Lost Highway, The Hellhounds, and other talented dudes (both known and unknown [hitherto]) played their asses off for more than three hours of heartfelt blues, gutsy rock and some truly groov-a-liscious jammy-whammy sorts of sonic treats. Even the gals were dancing.

    Someone has some photos, but alas not I.

    Big fun had by all. Smiles all over the joint.