Monday, June 14, 2010

A quick one before the kickoff: 11 June

The Cambodian Space Project returned to Lotus Blanc on Friday night, boldly going on in opposition to the opening game of the World Cup, in the second of their big Friday nights.  The night began with a bit of busking - playing acoustic out in the gateway, frightening the passersby with some of the new repertoire that has been creeping in over the past few weeks.  Later the 7-piece line up pushed through two full sets of the tight, funky lean sound that is the current sound of choice (we await coming developments that may morph the sound one way or another ... travel broadens the mix) with some impressive and expressive dancing from those members of the audience who were compelled to move a bit.  

The World Cup is certainly going to slow music matters down for the next few weeks, but the Leng Pleng gig guide still looked full over the weekend.  My pick for the coming week is the Fete du Musique event at the Centre Culturel Francais Cambodge on Wednesday night.  Might see you there. 

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